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pddadmin 08-26-2007 12:08 AM

Submitting Documents for Publication Here
Public Document Distributors selects documents for publication based upon their value to the community, file size, and file type.
Documents must be:

Obtained Legally

Public Documents. Public documents are those that are available to the general public from court records, law enforcement agencies, public entities, and private persons who make public speeches and statements

Private documents accompanied by a release for publication from one of the parties named in the document, or from someone having legal right to authorize publication

Must not be copyrighted material, unless governed by fair use, or other exemption
Documents may be scanned in to any of the following formats:


Maximum file size is limited to megabytes each

If you have difficulties understanding the upload process, try the help button first. If you are still having troubles and you are a registered user, try the help thread forum second. If you still have problems contact the site administrator by private message or email
To upload a document, you must first select a proper category and thread, or start a new thread. The file attachment box will appear near the bottom of the post.
All uploads will be moderated prior to being displayed on the forum. This may take up to three days

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