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Ayatollahgondola 07-13-2010 06:41 PM

US Loan Auditors vs Robert Jackson
Here's a link to that case:

I saw this in the impleader:


8 40. Plaintiff incorporates herein by this reference each and every allegation set forth
9 above, as though fully set forth herein.
10 41. Plaintiff is prepared to deposits with the court the sum of $3 000, the amount paid
11 by Defendant for the forensic loan audit. As Defendant admits. Defendant's lender JPMorgan
12 Chase/WAMU, have falsely and fraudulently handled Defendant's loan transaction, misstating
13 Defendant's income and failing to comply with the law. Plaintiff has done the work and job
14 Plaintiffwas contracted for, but in support of Plaintiff s 100% money back guarantee and as a
15 showing of good faith. Plaintiff hereby deposits with the Superior Court tmst account for the
16 case, the full sum ofthe cost ofthe audit, or $3000. Should the court determine that Plaintiff
17 did not perform the contracted work to eam the $3000, the funds will be available for retum to
18 Defendant.
So here's the head scratcher. On the first part it says they are PREPARED to deposit the 3K, but next it states they did so. And since when does the court use a trust account to hold funds for something like this?

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