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pddadmin 07-28-2010 06:17 AM

Daniel Patrick Whaley
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Daniel Patrick Whaley was convicted of a felony for violating section 487 of the penal code.


Victims over the past year have made several attempts to contact SUSPECT registered mail and phone calls. SUSPECT kept delaying payment to Salvador Ortiz and finally admitted that he invested the $166,000.00 into his movie company venture. SUSPECT promised to repay victim with interest on 10-15-06.


Defendant and counsel above named were present. Defendant was convicted as follows:
09/18/2008 CT 1 --

PC 487(A) FEL
Nolo contendere


Defendant shall submit his person, property and automobile and any object
under defendant's control to search and seizure in or out of the presence of the defendant, by any law enforcement officer and/or Probation officer, at any time of the day or night, with or without his consent, with or without a warrant. Defendant being advised of his constitutional rights in this regard, and having accepted probation, is deemed to have waived same.


You shall allow Probation Officers to visit your home and place of employment at reasonable times.

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