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Default Mission Statement

Welcome to Public Document Distributors!

This forum was founded to help distribute important documents and raise awareness among the general public in the greater Sacramento area. Information is the most valuable commodity in the world, yet many obstacles inhibit the spread of it in a timely manner. This website is dedicated to the free distribution of important documents that will hopefully make our communities, friends, and families more secure, and our interractions with businesses and public entities fair.
Many of documents you find on this website are available to the public, however, much of it is not in electronic forms as it is here. In addition, many of the documents made available here have been painstakenly obtained, processed, and paid for by others who value their communities and a free society. Please keep in mind when reading or downloading documents, that someone else thought of others as well as themselves.

You do not have to register to read or download documents from this website

You will be required to register if you wish to comment or ask questions on the forums about documents. Registration is free, and a valid Email address is the only real requirement

Registered users can upload documents they wish to share with the public, however all uploads are moderated first, so it may take a few days for your document uploads to be approved and then have them appear on the forum

Guests wishing to remain anonymous, but would like to have a document uploaded to the forum may email the material to:
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